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Jim Zalud

Law Enforcement Educator & Speaker, Jim Zalud

Jim Zalud has conducted seminars for business and law enforcement personnel for the past 30 years. Some of his topics include verbal, non-verbal, and body language interpretation skills. Jim has worked with everyone from the board room to the show room. He is also the body language expert for the CBS affiliate WIFR TV-23 in Rockford, IL.

Recorded Webinars

Body Language for Successful Sales

Body Language for Successful Sales, addresses the non-verbal aspect of any exchange of information (Interview). Since the Kennedy/Nixon debates of 1960, emphasis has been on how a person looks and physically acts, rather than the words he/she is saying. The sound of one's voice even matters more than the words that are actually spoken. Television has changed the way we make decisions about people and products. Neither FDR nor Churchill could get elected today. The voice, sold their agendas. They never would have translated in a visual medium.

Presentation Skills To Win Any Audience

Presentation Skills to Win Any Audience is designed to present or review the fundamental steps that are required to have a winning presentation.

Autism Awareness Skills for Your Workplace

Every month you read stories about people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are hurt or killed by 1st Responders or well-meaning people, who incorrectly assess or act in a crisis situation involving people with ASD. The results of these missteps can not only be measured in lives, but dollars it will cost your organization or community for perceived negligence.

Mental Illness Awareness Skills for Your Workplace

1 in 4 people in this country has a diagnosable mental illness. Every family you know has a member who is considered to be “different” or is being treated for a mental condition. In the workplace, you may be called upon to mitigate a crisis situation involving a person with mental illness. If not handled with skill and knowledge, the damage could not only be measured in fixtures or injuries, but dollars it will cost your organization or community for perceived negligence.