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Timothy Dimoff

CEO/President , SACS Consulting

Timothy Dimoff CPP, Founder and President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues, security, vulnerability assessments and crime.

A former award winning narcotics detective and SWAT Team member, Dimoff utilized his vast law enforcement experience when founding SACS Consulting, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping corporations and others gain control of spiraling workplace crime and other high risk workplace issues. He is board certified by ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP™), a designation that indicates board certification in security management and is recognized worldwide as the highest recognition accorded a security practitioner. He is also TASA (Technical Advisory Services of America) registered legal expert in human resource, management training, police/private security and corporate security procedures. He holds a B.S. in Sociology, with an emphasis in criminology, from Denison University. He is also a certified instructor in both law enforcement and private security, and an advocate for stronger laws protecting and assisting victims of crime.

Recorded Webinars

Social Networks: Policies, Procedures and Pitfalls!

The explosive growth of online social networks has altered the way people communicate, share ideas, and disseminate information but with it comes certain risks. The lines between professional and private lives continue to blur, and while these communications tools create great opportunities, they also create ethical dilemmas and challenges for businesses.

Workplace Violence...Predictors, Prevention And Policies

Studies have indicated poor supervisory practices are the biggest factor in causation and the average workplace homicide costs the company in excess of $ 800,000 in legal fees and settlements. Recent case law has defined the employer's responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act impacting everyone facing this issue.