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Delia Mallory

L & D Consultant, D. Mallory Enterprises, LLC

Delia Mallory has served in leadership and consulting roles for not for-profit and for-profit organizations. She has coached business partners domestically and internationally. Delia consults on organizational effectiveness strategies and education/training and development solutions for leaders, employees and teams. She believes in engaging her workshop participants and strives to create a fun and enlightening classroom experience.

Having served in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, education and retail, Delia has an extensive background as a human resources and organizational development practitioner. Her solid experience in recruiting, employee relations, compensation, education/training and organizational development have strengthened her capacity to consult, coach and facilitate with real-world knowledge and insights. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a concentration in Psychology from John Carroll University and a Master of Arts in Education from The Ohio State University. She has maintained the S.P.H.R. (Senior Professional in Human Resources) designation since 1999.

With a passion for building our future leaders, Delia's volunteerism has included service to Inroads, Inc. and Women for Economic and Leadership Development (W.E.L.D.) Delia resides in New Albany, Ohio. She especially enjoys reading, travel, music of many genres, and socializing with friends and family.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a vital part of an organization's health. It's meaning is tied to the past, the present and the future: it's information or input given in the present about performance in the past that could potentially impact future outcomes. High-performing organizations earn and maintain their distinction as high-performers because they perpetually seek feedback about their performance. They are always looking for ways to connect to and listen to those who matter most. They remain open and nimble to change. They set goals to be better than they were yesterday. Healthy, forward-focused organizations establish effective feedback systems; they proactively leverage employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and all other key stakeholders who will help them self-assess from all angles.