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Joyce Hyam

Facilitator and Coach, Joyce Hyam

Joyce Hyam, MPA/HSA, BSN,RN, PHN is a certified speaker, facilitator and coach who is passionate about training others to use important tools that result in the outcomes they want for themselves, and the organization. Joyce delivers the secrets to a more positive environment and happier teams and a more joyful you. She focuses on customer and colleague well being, organizational culture and how to achieve a positive environment. You will learn how words, feelings and results are interconnected. You will discover how to intentionally enhance positive reviews. These are simple tools with a huge impact. How we connect, communicate verbally and non-verbally, how we present ourselves, are what truly matters and influences others. Her desire is for organizations to continually move higher on the happiness and well being scale by the discovery and implementation of these tools.

Recorded Webinars

Positive Messages Lead to Positive Results

Words have energy. They are the basis for rapport building and trust. Words change the energy in organizations and their people. You can be sending negative messages without even realizing it. Discover simple ways to deliver positive messages so that everyone understands what you say and they feel good about it. Learn how to send messages both written and verbal that make the sender and the receiver feel positive even if the message delivers negative news.