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Gregory A. Gast

Founder and Leadership Advisor, Thirdstage Consulting

Gregory A. Gast SPHR, CMC® is a leadership advisor, organizational consultant, entrepreneur and HR expert who is founder and current/former president of several multi-million dollar professional services firms. Greg founded his current firm Thirdstage Consulting to focus his work on transforming organizational life through the development of values-based leaders and organizations.

Greg’s initial business venture was the founding of Granatt HR, a Human Resources management and consulting firm in 1998, to which he added an employee insurance benefits agency in 2004. In 2006, Granatt HR partnered with Professional Payroll Solutions to form PROXUS LLC, a full-service payroll and human resources management firm. In 2012 he sold his business interest and became Senior Advisor to the firm.

Greg is the National Chair of Professional Learning for the Institute of Management Consultants and serves on the IMC Colorado Board. Greg's contributions to the field of Human Resources were recognized by his selection as HR Consultant of the Year in the Philadelphia region. His credentials include certification as Certified Management Consultant (CMC®), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), a Master’s degree in Human Services from John Carroll University, a graduate level certificate in Christian Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Wooster.

Recorded Webinars

Employee Handbooks: Create for Communication Not Litigation

In this era when employee engagement is critical to success and company branding is of paramount importance, the employee handbook is often neglected as a key component for communication. The employee handbook can be used as a powerful tool for delivering important messages not only to new employees, but also to current employees and the management team.

Improving Organizational Performance through Mission and Shared Values

The development and communication of an organization's purpose and principles create a culture which promotes sustained organizational success. Nearly twenty years after Collins and Porras wrote "Built to Last," organizational leaders are still struggling to its primary message, that mission, vision and values are the key drivers of continued excellent performance.

Aligning Human Resource Strategy with Business Strategy

This webinar is designed for business owners, senior executives and HR leaders who want to unlock the power of HR to drive business results. We will focus on the shift in the senior management and HR leadership mindset and resource allocation necessary for HR to become an indispensable source of business enhancement. The emphasis is on proactively determining the factors driving the success of your organization and then shaping HR activities and programs to support and enhance those factors. In the process you will need to analyze the internal and external business environment, articulate your new vision, and make some difficult choices about staff and programs. This program will fast-forward your thinking and assist you in initiating efforts in each of those areas.