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Ethan Raath

Owner & Leadership Advisor, Highwire Leadership, LLC

Dr. Ethan Raath is the owner of Highwire Leadership providing leadership development through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking. He offers a blend of leadership experience in business, professional, nonprofit, academic, and religious settings. Ethan’s expertise draws on uniquely diverse roles as communication professor, organizational consultant, conflict management trainer, employee relations mediator, diversity consultant, team facilitator, career coach, and crisis counselor.

Recorded Webinars

The Platinum Rule of Leadership

The Platinum Rule emphasizes doing for others as they would have done for them - rather than what you want done for yourself. In the spirit of servant leadership, discover practical applications for growing effective working relations by leading with HEART - Honesty, Empathy, Attention, Response, Trust. Improve interpersonal communication, relational understanding, employee retention, and leadership success.

Managing Differences in the Workplace: Resolving Conflict Through Self-Mediation

Let conflict work for you. Learn a Four Step Self-Mediation process for resolving interpersonal conflict before it escalates and disrupts working relationships and performance. The nature of conflict, relational dynamics, and effective communication methods will also be shared as means of preventing conflict. Properly handled, resolving conflict in a timely manner benefits individuals and the working environment as a whole.