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Liz Davenport

Founder, Order from Chaos

Liz Davenport can help other's get organized because she is by nature disorganized; she knows how the disorganized think and work. Therefore she has designed simple, easy to use and maintain systems to aid others get and stay organized. As she shared her work and listened to others, she began to see that most disorganized people encounter the same challenges. Identifying these challenges and determining their remedies, Liz developed the Order from Chaos Six Steps to Organization, the unique and proven technology that distinguishes her as the nation's premiere organization specialist. Since its development, Davenport's Order from Chaos has helped increase productivity and raise the bottom line for such companies as Blue Cross, the Job Corp, Merrill Lynch, Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School, Compass Bank, New Mexico Business Journal, Northwest Mutual, Intel Corporation, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico State Bar, United Blood Services, the Veterans Administration, Coldwell Banker, New York Life, Sprint PCS and the University of New Mexico. Her fun and entertaining approach has been heard at seminars and conferences across the country.

Liz is the author of "Order from Chaos: A 6-Step Plan for Organizing Yourself, Your Office & Your Life" and “Order from Chaos for Students” from Random House, also available in Japan from Soshi-Sha and Frogbook in Korea. They detail the simple step-by-step systems that are core of the Order from Chaos method.

International author and national speaker, Liz Davenport, founder and CEO of Order from Chaos has been organizing individuals and companies for over 25 years. Newspaper and radio columnist, quoted in USA Today and on, Liz has a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Adult Education. Liz was honored by the SBA as the New Mexico Home Based Business Advocate of the Year.

“If the individuals within a company are organized, the company will be organized. If the individuals are not organized, no amount of training will fix it.” :- Liz Davenport

Recorded Webinars

5 Most Common Organizing Mistakes and How to Stop Making Them

The average person wastes more than 150 hours every year just looking for the stuff they need to do their job. That’s like losing almost a month every year just looking for what you need. What if you could get all of that back? What if order ran your life instead of chaos? What if you could increase your productivity while lessening your stress levels?

How To Do 8 Hours Work in 2 - with Half the Mistakes and no Stress

How did we get to a place where everyone wants this information? First of all recognize that it was gradual. It's taken our business model decades to get this broken. One of the primary problems is that we are constantly interrupted. Open door policies, direct phone lines, cell phones, emails, texts, tweets, not to mention folks sticking their heads in and saying "Got a minute?" All together the average business person receives 340 requests for their time and energy every day!