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Kenneth A. Sprang

Founding partners, Washington International Business Counsel, LLP

Kenneth A.Sprang is one of the founding partners of Washington International Business Counsel, LLP, in Washington, DC, a boutique firm serving businesses around the United States and abroad. Mr. Sprang counsels and represents both domestic and international clients in labor and employment and employee benefits matters, as well as a wide range of corporate, business and transactional matters.

Mr. Sprang brings to his clients 35 years of experience and expertise in labor and employment law. He represents employers in traditional labor relations matters, as well as in wage and hour, employment discrimination, HR, employee benefits, and other issues related to employment. In addition to representing clients in all aspects of U.S. labor and employment law (including specific state laws), he has served on the senior staff of the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board and taught the subject for many years. He is the author or co-author of several books and articles on labor and employment law and alternative dispute resolution. Currently he provides outside editorial assistance to an online HR company.

Recorded Webinars

Fundamentals of the Family and Medical Leave Act

Of the many government regulations affecting employers and employees, the one with which covered employers will deal regularly is the FMLA. The statute has been amended in the last few years and new regulations are in the works.

Understanding and Administrating COBRA: Avoiding Costly Conflicts with Government Agencies

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires employers to allow employees to continue group health care coverage for 18 to 36 months following termination of employment or reduction in hours. Premiums are paid by the employee. However, administration of COBRA is not always as simple as one might expect. For example, family members of an employee are entitled to certain COBRA benefits. Some employees enjoy benefits for 18 months while others are entitled to 36 months of benefits.

Independent Contractor or Employee-Guidelines to Insure Compliance

This program will examine the criteria used by government agencies in determining when a worker is an employee and when he or she is a contractor. Participants will learn clear guidelines for proper classification of employees.

Designing and Administering Fair and Effective Discipline and Discharge Policies

This program will provide tools and guidelines for developing an effective discipline and discharge policy considering issues like progressive discipline, performance improvement plans, grievance procedures, dealing with substance abuse, and similar matters. We will discuss the role and responsibility of supervisors and managers in documenting employee infractions and the design as well as the administration of discipline and discharge policies.