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Nina Woodard

President and Chief 'N' Sights Officer, Nina E. Woodard & Associates

Ms. Woodard serves currently as the President and Chief ā€˜Nā€™ Sights Officer for Nina E. Woodard & Associates. She launched this company upon her return to the US at the end of third quarter 2008. Using customized executive coaching and strategic business consulting strategies, Ms. Woodard strives to heighten confidence in business leaders as they move into the Indian market place, help them increase their understanding of the cultural nuances influencing business in India and to engage in more meaningful and productive communications with India colleagues all for the purpose of increasing business results.

Prior to founding Nina E. Woodard & Associates, Ms. Woodard served as the Executive Director for Strategic Human Resource Management India Pvt. Ltd. a wholly own subsidiary of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) US. In that role she assisted in building the new business entity in India and to provide support for Business Development and Marketing efforts. Prior to her position with SHRM India, Nina served as the Managing Director of Aradhanaa Human Resources Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. her own Indian based company founded in June 2002.

In May 2002 she retired from her position as Sr. Vice President of Human Resources for Standard Chartered Bank, PLC, a London headquartered International Bank, whose focus is primarily in Emerging Markets to build her own global consulting practice.

Nina's career has encompassed 32 years in the field of banking. Her rich Human Resources background includes leadership roles in practical day to day activity as well as significant change initiatives, including M and A work and establishing a shared services center for finance. She has worked across North, Central and South America, in the Middle East and in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. These experiences have given her a truly global business perspective. In all of her roles she worked as an HR Strategic Business Partner with the line managers she supported.

Ms. Woodard currently serves on the Board of Operation Eyesight Universal and the Finance Committee for Saint Thomas More Catholic Church. She is the mentor and business coach for See N Recruit and Husys Consulting in India. She serves as a member of the advisory team for World HR Congress and Asia Pacific HR Congress.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Management. She also has a Graduate degree in Banking from Pacific Coast School of Banking. She is a graduate of American Banking Institute Graduate School of Human Resources and is certified a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Global Professional in Human Resources by Society for Human Resource Management. She is currently serving as the President Elect for San Diego SHRM and for Women Business Enterprise Council WEST and a member of the Finance Committee for Saint Thomas More, Church.

Recorded Webinars

Building a Global Mindset

The discussion will include focused discussion on inclusion and diversity and the value add to business activity that comes from using a global mindset to lead teams and the opportunity for creative and innovative thinking that the mindset can foster.

Changing the Success Rates of Mergers and Acquisitions: MA3 = P2 + C2 (Successful M and A = Attention to People and Change)

In this program we will begin with a look at why M and A stats show that only about 50% actually lead to increased shareholder value.

What is Workplace Flexibility and What Does it Mean to HR

The program will provide an environmental scan those points to the need for creative and new approaches to work and jobs. It will look at the elements of flexibility in the workplace and at those business segments that may be early adaptors and those who may find it more difficult. Through sharing of information and some research we will identify the opportunities that are presented by technology to support and build infrastructure that can meet business objectives on all levels from connecting team members to supporting bottom line results.

A Competency that the Future Demands: Communications and Interpersonal Skills

The Gallup Studies and other employee engagement surveys indicate that employees do not leave companies, they leave their supervisors. This is not new data. Since the onset of employee survey tools this is one of the primary reasons for voluntary separation, so this has existed for over 30 years.