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Cy Charney

President, Charney and Associates Inc.

Cy Charney, President of Charney and Associates Inc., is a leading Canadian consultant in the area of performance improvement. His clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies, state and local government departments and social service agencies internationally.

Cy is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. He delivers a practical approach with enthusiasm, energy and a sense of humor. He is also a seasoned trainer who customizes a variety of programs always with the intention of adding value to stakeholders He practices state-of-the-art adult learning techniques believing that people learn more by teaching each other and muddling through collectively than they do by conventional "chalk and talk" methods. Accordingly Cy has developed innovative processes to improve learning and application of skills on the job through self-directed strategies.

Cy is a member of the faculty of seven North American Business Schools and is the author of 8 management books including The Instant Manager, The Portable Mentor, The Instant Sales Pro, The Trainer's Tool Kit and The Leader's Tool Kit.

Recorded Webinars

New Perspectives on Leadership

Few topics in management generate as much interest as the topic of Leadership. The abiding preoccupation with this subject is reflected not only in the substantial amount of academic research whose objective is to understand the secrets of successful Leadership.

Coaching and Mentoring for High Performance

Coaching and mentoring are critical skills that every manager should be engaged in order to develop the competence and confidence of employees.