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Christopher D. Lee

Human Resources Practitioner, Performance Conversations

Chris Lee is a human resources practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author. His background includes having served as the chief human resources officer for three different colleges or universities and a state college system.

He is a former question writer for the PHR and SPHR examinations administered by the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). His areas of expertise are employment, training, and performance management - or, in his words, "finding, developing, and managing talent in organizations." He is the author of numerous human resources related articles and two books, including Performance Conversations: An Alternative to Appraisals. He is currently completing his next book tentatively entitled Managing Behavior: The Other Half of Performance.

He has presented at conferences and has consulted with clients in the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa on HR related topics. He holds a master's degree in HR Management, a doctor of philosophy degree in HR Development, and he is also certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Recorded Webinars

Effective Employee Performance Documentation: Elements and Techniques

Communicate better, improve performance, and defend yourself from legal challenges by producing more effective performance documentation.

Breakthrough Performance Management that is Practical, Effective and User-Friendly

The performance conversations method is designed to provide feedback, not appraisal. This approach provides real time information that the employee can use to make adjustments to their work so that fewer corrections are necessary.

The Fallacies Of Performance Appraisals And How To Overcome

Many performance appraisals systems are designed to fail as they are unnecessarily focused on grading past performance when their aim is to promote future performance. All appraisals methods are ineffective if supervisors are reluctant to give critical feedback and "true" ratings.

Pay for Performance: Techniques for Difficult Economic Times

This session will also discuss uncommon strategies that can have a greater impact on performance and morale than traditional pay for performance systems. Key strategies for non-profit organizations will also be discussed as there are compensation techniques that can be employed in any environment. A good compensation system is designed with clear goals, communicated clearly, and executed flawlessly. Ensure that you are sending the right signals to employees and that you are driving performance in the right direction with a solid pay for performance system.