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A Practical Look at Discipline and Termination

90 Minutes
6 months
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This webinar takes a practical look at discipline and termination as part of effective performance management.

You'll learn about different kinds of discipline policies and some of the legal implications of using discipline.  You'll also explore some best practices for deciding: when and what kind of discipline to use, how to document it, and how to implement it.  Importantly, you'll also look at how your own conduct can contribute to performance management problems on your teams.  In addition, you'll learn about the need to view and position discipline as a positive tool rather than as an oppressive or punitive one.  The webinar will also review some best practices for termination, including topics such as documentation, timing, implementation and post-termination concerns.

Why you should attend: No matter what your job is, the most difficult and time consuming part of it is managing and supervising people.  Your success, and that of your teams, depends on your ability to use different performance management techniques to everyone’s' advantage.  Understanding what those techniques are and how to use them properly is critical to your success.  When the time comes, and it will come, that you need to use discipline or termination with team members, you should have the practical information necessary for doing it well.  You should understand the reasons for your actions and be able to articulate them clearly, be aware of possible legal ramifications, follow best practices, act consistently, and document properly.  In this webinar, you'll look closely at several practical aspects of these issues so that you're better prepared to be an effective leader and participate in your teams' successes.

Areas Covered In the Seminar:
  • Manager/Supervisor responsibility for overall performance management
  • Impact of failing to address performance issues or addressing them inappropriately
  • Use of discipline and termination as two of the tools of performance management
  • Types of discipline policies
  • Legal issues to consider when using discipline or termination
  • Assessing performance issues - best practices
  • Understanding managers/supervisor contributions to performance issues
  • Best practices for writing disciplinary and termination documents
  • Best practices for implementing discipline and termination
  • Documenting discipline and termination meetings
  • Post-termination considerations
Who will benefit:
  • Managers, Directors and Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Employment Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Training Directors
  • Compliance professionals

Barrie Gross is the founder of Barrie Gross Consulting, a human resources training and consulting firm dedicated to the ongoing management and development of human capital. She is a recognized expert in human resources after having spent 15 years as an employment attorney, including seven years as Vice President & Senior Corporate Counsel for an international Fortune 1000 financial services company that hired Barrie to create and lead the in-house employment law function. In that capacity, Barrie created and delivered management and development coursework throughout the organization as an integral part of her preventative litigation strategy.

Upon leaving in-house legal practice, Barrie turned to HR consulting and training in a non-legal capacity. She worked with Mercer HR Consulting on complex HR issues and became an adjunct university professor, teaching Introduction to Global Management and guest lecturing in the MBA Business Communications program. Barrie also worked with premier international e-learning companies to develop sophisticated management and employee training and development coursework. Barrie then founded her HR consulting and training firm to help others meet demands for more cost effective HR solutions that are sensitive to business needs, support ongoing workforce development, and follow sound risk management practices.

Barrie has a BA from the University of Vermont and a JD from the University of San Francisco, School of Law, where she was a member of the McAuliffe Honor Society. She was a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel for seven years and during the last four of those, served on the executive committee for ACC's Employment & Labor Law membership. She joined SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) in 2005. Barrie is the author of scores of articles about human capital management published by the New York Times, Washington Post, BusinessWeek Online, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Business Journal and other business journals and online business portals. Barrie also does public speaking on talent management strategies, management development and leadership.

Note: Barrie Gross's webinars do not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal opinion. If you have a legal issue, you should consult your own attorney concerning your situation and facts. Nothing presented on this site or in Barrie Gross's webinars creates or is intended to create an attorney-client or confidential relationship between you and Barrie Gross. Barrie Gross's webinars are for general information only, which may or may not reflect the most current legal developments or be complete.

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