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Seanlai Cochrane

CEO, Seanlai, Inc.

Seanlai Cochrane Global connection expert, behaviorist and decoder of The Science of Connection,She is an internationally known keynote speaker, author, coach, consultant and award winning CEO. As the world's leading authority on Proclivities: The Science of Connection; Seanlai's work in behavioral science and interpersonal communication exposes the underlying communication problem. At the core of all thoughts, feelings and behavior is an instinctual need to connect. Her decade of cutting edge research revealed ‘communication’ is a learned behavior and 'connection' is an instinct.

Seanlai writes,"Connection has become synonymous with communication. We think if we are talking, we are connecting. Very often though, we are actually disconnecting. We get frustrated at work and rather than address the disconnection, we let disconnection fester and negatively impact job satisfaction, engagement, work-life balance, and longevity.

In retaliation, we put up our shield of communication skills and never look further. We use harsh words and judgment to stay safe and climb the corporate ladder. Disconnection comes at a high price and the career fallout is explosive and expensive.

Connection is your birthright; it's instinctual. It's the most misinterpreted component of people and it's where appreciation, engagement, motivation, productivity and advancement comes from. When we lose connection, we slam the door on opportunities.

Denying something is happening doesn't mean it isn't happening. If we are going to stay relevant and succeed, we have to stop communicating and start connecting."

Seanlai's decade-long focus has been to understand "Why you do what you do?" The results speak for themselves as she is in high demand helping organizations connect the best with the people that matter most.

She asks you these questions: What do we need to do to build connection, so we can work, engage and motivate others and ourselves? How do we accept instinctual connection types so we cultivate a culture of tolerance and tools? Seanlai's 20 years of entrepreneurial experience has led to several accolades; including being a featured business leader in Forbes Magazine. Her leadership was the driving force behing her multi-million dollar company's success which went from concept to a coveted spot on INC. 500.

In 2013, she was awarded the Rising Star and Diversity Business Awards. Seanlai’s groundbreaking work in connection has been featured in business publications and is quickly becoming the gold standard in employee and client relations. She's a frequent radio show guest and was most recently on iHeart radio. Her Facebook live streaming show LYF with Seanlai regularly attracts viewers from every corner of the globe. Her motto is: If you live your life based on what other people will think or say, you make really boring decisions. Seanlai is a member of SHRM, HRPBC, Palm Beach Leadership, The National Speakers Association and served on the shows hope you can tune in.