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Jan Triplett

CEO , Business Success Center

Jan Triplett, Ph.D., CEO of the internationally recognized Business Success Center, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and small business activist. She is a frequent keynote speaker on business growth models, funding and pricing strategies, alliance building, personnel management, and sales processes.

Before starting her business she was the Assistant Director of Staff Development for a state agency program in Texas. Her first talk was on burnout prevention for DOVA, an association of directors of volunteer administrators. She has been talking and working on prevention strategies for over 20 years.

Triplett is a published author of The Networker’s Guide to Success and Easy to be Green, a guest blogger for, and the Business Bank of Texas. She is a SXSW presenter and mentor, and winner of national and international awards. In addition, she leads the Profit Mover™ mentoring team of business experts that provides mentoring and investment assistance throughout the Texas and beyond.