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Shea Richburg

Trainer, Toys R Us

Shea Richburg An internationally recognized parenting expert with over 3,000 students, the founder of Lion Mommy, Inc., a consulting company that partners with large corporations to coach and assist people in strategically facilitating happiness, awareness, healthy, and productive relationships with their children. Lion Mommy Inc. has revolutionized how society views parenting and reconnects parents with their children, resulting in remarkable results including balanced households. This career maverick has transformed lives by providing clients with the tools they need to achieve unlimited success.

Shea is the author of Amazon's bestselling book Worthless Mommy: How to Have Your Child Love You Forever and TMJ Crusher (Amazon 2013) and her newest, Worthless Mommy 2:0. (Expectant 2017) In 2013, her book, Worthless Mommy, reached Amazon's best seller's list within the first month of publishing. She was featured on Dr. Oz for parent's healthy snacking segment and is a contributing journalist for one of the top parenting magazines.