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Steve Zeisler

Founder and Director, Zeisler Associates, Inc.

Steve Zeisler is the founder and director of Zeisler Associates, Inc. a consulting and development company. For two decades he has helped leaders around the world unleash their organizations potential worth hundreds of millions of dollars in product, process, service and business innovations and move to distinguished levels of performance and success.

Mr. Zeisler has led a startup business within a Fortune 20 company, served in consultant and executive coaching roles, has developed strategic and creative thinking seminars, innovative software, has written numerous articles on innovation and leadership published in journals worldwide and, in 2005, co-authored the book "The Manager's Handbook for Virtual Teams". Zeisler Associates, Inc. client list includes such diverse companies as Astra-Zeneca, Alcoa, British Airways, Cargill, Dow Chemical, Estée Lauder, FedEx, Marriott, Nestlé, Nationwide, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, the US Air Force, Valero Energy and Xerox. In the past 12 months his international work has taken him from Seoul to Sydney, Paris to Johannesburg, Shanghai to London, and Singapore to Toronto.

In addition to his consulting work, Mr. Zeisler has served as faculty member, seminar leader or guest lecturer at many corporate learning institutions, government agencies and universities throughout the world including those of US Army War College, the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Howard University, Oxford, Penn State, Rutgers, the University of Melbourne and the University of Washington.